8 December 2016

2016, Oh you crazy !

Every single year is different. It may seems obvious. I know.
But every single year never ceases to amaze me.
May it be good… or less good actually. That’s the magical side of Life.
And 2016 wasn’t an exception. It was… Crazy.

Crazy because of the people I met.
First, you: brides & grooms, fiancés, future parents.
Yes, you, lovers ! You put so much trust in me and my work.
Thank you for that. Thank you for everything. I mean it.
Then, you: my friends. Always there.
Even If I can be a loner from time to time, you are so important to me.
So, thank you for being who you are.

Crazy because of the amazing adventures I’ve been on.
I never travelled that much in my entire life, and I love it !
What an experience. Discovering new places, new people.

Hey, 2017, I’m waiting for you. I’m sure you will be incredible.
Even more than your friend 2016, hopefully.
See you soon.

So, here is a selection of some photos I took this past year. Not a “best-of”. Just a retrospective.

Another story.

Love. Peace. (oh, and love too).

– T H A N K  Y O U –


International wedding photographer

I only came across your work properly now! So beautifully poetice!

You capture the most ethereal of lights. I might just marry just to have you there.

When work is play. Simply Incredible. Merry Christmas to you Baptiste and may 2017 be a new journey of inspiration to awaken the soul. Love and Light, Eb & Brendan

You’re an inspiratiob, keep up the unreal work!

Inspiration! (My goodness!)

Thank you Lea !!