Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Hello and welcome ! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

My name is Baptiste Hauville. I am a French destination wedding photographer with a love for adventures and travel and I love to explore new places all around the world.

I could define my work and approach with three words: wild, raw & organic.

Wild & Raw because I love to show the passion which animate every couple, with a fine art and unconventional approach.

Organic because the great outdoors have a huge place in my personal and professional life. I am always looking for new places to explore. A breathtaking landscape will only make sense if you are with me: you and only you will make the story out of it !

Como is a beautiful city ! I had the chance to go in Lake Como to photograph a sweet love story :

- I T A L Y  -

My passport is ready, so why not get in touch so we can discuss further about your dreamy wedding, your elopement. Let's go explore the world out there together !

Feel free to drop me a line ! I can't wait to hear from you !

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Lake Como wedding photographer
Lake Como Wedding Photographer